The event is set for July 20-21, 2007

in Ft. Worth, Texas

"In Memory of L.C. & Donia Caldwell"

"A Family That Prays Together Stays Together"

We Come This Far By Grace...

The Caldwell reunions are hosted annually. All funds and proceeds are held in Trust of the Caldwell Family committee's Treasurer. Each committee Treasure is responsible for its funds and bookkeeping. If you would like to Donate to either fund Kansas City, MO or Fort Worth,Tx. Please contact the Treasurers of the State in which you would like to send your donation. We appreciate all donations and contributions. May God bless you..

The Caldwell Family hosts an annual family reunion providing fun and entertainment for the family, allowing family members to unite in harmony and enjoy one another. We provide live fashion & talent shows, in which all entertainers are family and friends. Then we top it off with the old fashion home cooking.

The Caldwell family came in to existence centuries ago. But we give all thanks to the uniting of L.C. & Donia Caldwell. When God united them, he knew he was building a new nation of people. Through Donia's teachings, they would learn to love and respect his holy name. We thank you heavenly father. Because without them, we would not exist! The family Reunions were founded by Eva Mae Bee (Deceased now), Douglas Bee,Wallace & Gloria Jones (deceased), Mattie Johnson, Walter B.Johnson,Bertha Reese(deceased) S.B. Reese, Donna all began years ago in Sycamore Park of Fort Worth,TX. Since then children and great-children have joined in to host the annual family reunions.

Right now we have two headquarters: Kansas City, MO and Fort Worth, TX

Our family believes that the love we share for each other is what keeps us so excited about hosting the reunions. With God's grace and mercy, that allows us to make it to see each other another year. Many have gone on to be with the Lord, but in the midst of all our bearevement the words of Mama Donia still ring out loud and clear! "Serve God! Serve God! No matter what the problem, always Serve God! May God bless each and every person that visit this website in a special way.

For additional information you may go to the family website at: and obtain more information.

You may also send an email to:

Hope to see you there!


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